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​Luxfer’s carbon-composite cylinder range includes not only our proven LCX® products-used by more firefighters than any other composite cylinder-but also exclusive Luxfer offerings such as our LCX-SL (Super Light) cylinders, the lightest-weight SCBA cylinders available; LCX-XD (Xtreme Duty) cylinders, the toughest, most durable cylinder designs on the market; and LCX-EL (Extra Life) cylinders with the potential for service life of up to 30 years. Luxfer SCBA cylinders are manufactured in our facilities in the United States, Europe and China, and are designed and tested to meet and exceed all applicable global standards.


With an unmatched record for safety, state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities, a dedication to innovation and products of the highest quality, Luxfer will continue to lead the way, providing firefighters and first-responders products they can trust every demanding day. 


Giving firefighters a fighting chance.

Luxfer offers a broad range of cylinders for firefighting and hazmat needs. Whether you need lighter-weight, smaller, more durable or higher-pressure cylinders, Luxfer has products you can count on.



Getting you in and out safely.

Designed and manufactured for emergency applications, Luxfer cylinders will provide you unsurpassed protection and reliability in cramped, hazardous environments. Used in emergency escape breathing devices (EEBDs), Luxfer's smaller packages provide easy-to-transport breathing air.



Ready when you need them.

Lightweight, reliable Luxfer SCBA cylinders provide respiratory protection in industrial environments when hazardous situations occur. Suited for both fire and non-fire applications, Luxfer's industrial cylinders are ideal for environments where air is contaminated and oxygen levels are low.



Take a load off your back.

Luxfer lightweight high-pressure cylinders help reduce strains, sprains and muscular pain caused by carrying extra weight. Favored by firefighters due to their lightness of weight and durability in self-contained breathing apparatuses (SCBAs), Luxfer's L6X® composite cylinders are now also widely used by paramedics and other emergency first-responders. For emergency situations requiring additional oxygen content, Luxfer's L7X® high-strength, higher-pressure aluminum cylinders provide more gas in the same traditional-sized package.

First responders

First responders

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